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CoCo iPad Carry Bag
Color:apple green
Size:iPad 2/new iPad


A sharply tailored briefcase is an iconic piece in any man's collection but if you're a fashion-conscious business women there isn't much out there for you. Here at Devieta, we value choice so we created this iClutch handbag, eye-catching and fun on the outside but ruthlessly practical on the inside. The leather is a special lustrous grain that requires no more than a two-color combination and trim to attract admiring glances. Open the zip and you'll find a pocket on the right for your iPad and a series of slip compartments for cards and important documents facing that. And that's it.

Dimensions 9 x 9.8 x.0.7 in.

Outer: Premium Leather
Inner: Leather

Specification Fashion iPad bag


USD 285.00
iPad carry bag,luxury bag
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